Certified Information Systems Auditor

About this course.

One and a half year practical course to certified IS auditor at post-bachelor level.

On August 1, 2011, the Suriname College of Accountancy launched the globally recognized course “Certified Information Systems Auditor”.

This course for IS( Information System) auditors in Suriname is offered as a oneand a half-year part-time course and is completely based on the curriculum of ISACA.

ISACA was founded in 1967, originally as a professional organization for IS auditors, with an aim of elevating the role of IT governance, IT auditing, information security and risk management automation, to a higher of professionalism.

This is done for example by facilitating research in the disciplines and the establishment of a Register of professionals who meet the requirements to be registered. The institute has over 95,000 members in 160 countries (www.isaca.org).

IT auditing is a specialized function concerned with assessing the automation of the organization and the organization of automation. IT auditing is a specialty within the auditing profession. This specialty is increasingly requested for the performance of audits.

In recent decades, IT auditing has expanded to build the relationship with business and ICT. The reason for the emergence of the field is the increasing degree of automation. Because of administrative processes within automated information systems increasing enormously, an accountant can now receive more satisfactory assurance concerning the reliability of financial reporting of organizations. The understanding of automated information systems requires knowledge other than just business and administrative organization

Students who take the CISA Professional Qualification are guided by expert teachers and professionals who are skilled in all knowledge areas of IS audit and IS Governance. Furthermore, we offer students the guidance and support to meet their practice requirement of at least three years.

After completion of CISA Professional Qualification and a rounded practice requirement students can be registered as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), which is a global professional recognition.

The CISA training is intended for the following groups:

* Internal / External Auditors;

* Information Technology Professionals / Information System Auditors;

* Bachelors or Masters level in Accountancy or thinking in ICT;

* Anyone who is interested to gain knowledge and skills in IT Auditing and IT Governance and / or want to prepare for the CISA exam.

All five domains are in an exam in Suriname under the auspices of the All Network Technologies Suriname N.V. | ANTS N.V. (Belemstreet #2 Paramaribo)

In addition to successfully passing the theory test, the candidate must meet the following conditions to obtain the professional CISA:

  1. proven relevant experience in IT auditing, IT security and control;
  2. compliance with ISACA’s Code of Professional Ethics;
  3. comply with the requirement of continuing education.

The CISA Curriculum consists of the following five areas:

  1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems;
  2. Governance and Management of IT;
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation;
  4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support;
  5. Protection of Information Systems.

In cooperation with the Nationale Ontwikkelingsbank, Finabank, Hakrinbank and De Surinaamsche Bank, Suriname College of Accountancy was able to create a way for her students to receive study financing for their courses if necessary.

The program is offered as a part-time modular course and will last for one year, a session lasts for two and a half hours.

Do you have any questions concerning the information provided?

Please do contact us and ask for a personal interview with the program coordinator.

Call for an appointment on the number   425 766/715 6302 or send an email to [email protected]

For more information on ISACA’s IS Auditing website: www.isaca.org.


1 years


5 hours per week


Computer base exams (CBE)


CISA info sheet


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