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Three and a half year professional qualification to become Chartered Certified Accountant on post-bachelor level. Monitoring and advising are the main duties of an accountant. As an accountant you will interact with various organizations. You will be familiar with many companies and will be able to advise the company as well on how to increase financial performance. In addition to auditing accounts, you will be able to act as a confidant and adviser.

As a certified accountant you can work for many companies, from sole trader to multinational. In large organizations your primary responsibilities are: the fairness of the management report and sound board, given to senior management and the board of directors, thus a very responsible job. In smaller organizations, you play a pivotal role: to provide financial- economic support and give advice. This goes beyond the annual accounts and tax returns. In other words, you will be gaining expertise in many financial areas, will be able to give advice when preparing a business plan or in a business takeover.

The program offers many features and an excellent perspective. Obviously, you can become an (Internal) accountant, but you can also become a controller, general manager or a financial manager. More than 50 percent of qualified accountants do not work for an accounting firm. The course offers you the basic skills required for a variety of positions within companies such as, financial services, government and even non-profit institutions.

ACCA’s Professional Qualification is offered in a modular form of three and a half years in Suriname.

To make every step towards your future function efficiently as possible, we provide tuition by qualified financial professionals who will help you familiarize yourself with the practical work field that you will be engaging with in the future. The lectures are mostly in Dutch with due care to the English terminology.

Every three months, students under the supervision of expert teachers are prepared for two exams (papers).

ACCA also makes distinction between CBE and PBE exams. CBE exams are computer based and can always be taken at a registered CBE center. The students receive the results for these exams immediately. An important part of the CBE questions are multiple choice. CBE exams are applicable for the first four papers of the ACCA course. SCA is the official ACCA Computer Based Exam Center in Suriname.

The session CBE exams are administered at a location choosen by British Council.  The costs are GBP 30 per subject, these costs are not included in the college fee.

All questions regarding these exams you can directly address to ACCA, these are the rules from ACCA regarding examcentres.

The program is offered as a part-time modular course and will take three and a half years (3.5 years) to complete. Students should bear in mind that classes will be given two times a week in the evening, 18:00 – 20:30 hrs.

After completion of ACCA’s Professional Qualification, you are theoretically and practically trained in all aspects of accountancy and well prepared for the professional field. Upon having completed the course you will be able to contribute to the financial policies of companies and in small businesses you will be the financial – economic adviser.

After completing ACCA’s Professional Qualification and achieving the necessary practice requirement you will be registered as a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA), which is a globally recognized profession.

Each paper is accompanied with a study text and practice kit that is fully organized under the supervision of ACCA. The syllabus is carefully compiled and are updated annually. The English language in the syllabus is quite clear; the topics are explained with examples and are at the end summarized. Furthermore, each chapter consists of exercises. In addition to the syllabus, each student is provided with additional information on which the exam will be based.

If you have further enquiries please do contact us, a personal interview with the program coordinator can also be arranged.

For an appointment we can be contacted on the following numbers:

+ 597 425 766 /+597 71 56 302 or you can send an email at [email protected] .


3 years


2-4 hours per week


Computer base exams (CBE)


ACCA info sheet

ACCA Info sheet

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