Certified Accounting Technician

ACCA’s course to Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

One and a half year professional qualification to become a Certified Accounting Technician. The CAT qualification provides a solid foundation in Finance & Accounting, with which you will have the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill an “accounting-support role”.

Foundation in Accountancy
Suriname College of Accountancy in cooperation with ACCA has provided the ‘Foundation in Accountancy’ program.  This means the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification, offers you certificates and diplomas after every level has been completed. The knowledge gained from the practical content of FIA can be directly applied in the workplace and offers immediate benefits for existing and future employers.

Method: ACCA’s Accounting Technician is offered as a modular course in Suriname which can be completed in 18 months. Every four months, students are led by skilled tutors so that they can be prepared for two to three exams (papers).

Students should bear in mind that an average of three times college a week would be required. Furthermore, study facilities such as a library and Wi-Fi internet are available to students attending classes at Suriname College of Accountancy.

Practice: ACCA’s Certified Accounting Technician course requires that all students be adequately trained for their practical experience. Students perform their practical requirements at their workplace under supervision of a workplace mentor, who should be a certified accountant.

The Foundation in Practical Experience Requirement (FPER) is a document which requires the student to perform certain tasks which are revised by the workplace mentor. These operations will be recorded in the FPER record and summary which can be accessed by the students through their myACCA account. Besides passing the exams, students must have completed the FPER for diploma eligibility.

Admission: You can enroll into ACCA’s course for Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) with the following degrees:

  • VWO
  • HAVO

CBE exams are Computer Based and can always be taken at a registered CBE center. The results of these exams are given to the student immediately after completion. An important part of the CBE questions are multiple choice.

SCA is the official ACCA Computer Based Exam Center in Suriname.

CBE exams are available for the subjects: FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2, FMA, FFA, FAB, FAU and FFM.

PBE-exams are in June and December, these exams are organized by ACCA and locally administered under the supervision of the Examenbureau of the MINOV (Suriname’s examination center) at the Jessurunstraat.

All study and examination material are in English.

Each paper is accompanied by a study text and a practice & revision kit that is fully organized under the supervision of ACCA. The syllabus is carefully compiled and is updated annually. The English language in the syllabus is clear; the theory is explained with examples and summarized (at the end of each chapter). Furthermore, in each chapter there are exercises. In addition to the syllabus, each student receives additional information for which the exam questions and answers from the final exams are treated.

The curriculum consists of nine papers, below is the order in which papers are offered:

Introductory level:
FA1  Recording Financial Transactions
MA1 Information Management

Intermediate level:
FA2   Maintaining Financial Records
MA2 Managing Costs and Finances

Advanced level:
FMA  Management Accounting
FFA   Financial Accounting
FAB   Accountant in Business

Options (two to be completed)
FTX Foundations in Taxation
FFM Foundations in Financial Management
FAU Foundations in Audit

Your result:
After successfully obtaining the necessary training and experience, the participant will bear the title CAT.

If you have further enquiries please do contact us, a personal interview with the program coordinator can also be arranged.

For an appointment we can be contacted on the following numbers:

425 766 /71 56 302 or you can send an email info@surinamecollegeofaccountancy.com .



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